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    To the sadness of all our 40th celebration has come and gone. We missed so many classmates that could not attend and those that are no longer with us. To each one you were not forgotten. For those that did attend we have posted in the photo album some sweet remembrances and some blackmailable evidence.
    Friday night was a light hearted gathering at Tubby’s with a lot of Hawaiian shirts and Capri pants. What we didn’t see were tank tops, miniskirts and knee high white boots. Also, we didn’t see Archie eat any humus. There were three flavors. Karen’s suggestion of the photo booth was the hit of the night. Many pictures were taken and can be found in the photo album.

    Saturday night was filled with some very beautiful women and men decked out in their best. There was even one Tux, not like those of 1971. There were hugs and dancing all night and when the clock struck 12 everyone started rushing for the door. Even Mother Nature was sad that the weekend was coming to an end and she to started crying much harder that anyone else. Enough so that those still there decided to stay a little longer many of us ended up at the Hancock house where there was electricity.

    It was a glorious two days that brought together friends that have not seen each other in many years. For some this was the first time back in 40 years proving it is never too late to say I love you.

    The idea has been proposed to not wait 10 years this time. Jana Whalley has taken on the task of assembling a committee to plan the 45th reunion. You know this means about 20 meeting (parties) between now and then. If you are interested in participating, contact Jana through FaceBook or our email at shs-71@hotmail.com.

Everybody try to bring one person that was not there.    GO JACKETS